Recycling Value chain

Producer / Manufacturer

Beverage cartons manufactured and Sold


Beverage cartons consumed

Waste Collection

Either at source or at Landfills by the formal and informal waste trade

Collection Hubs / Waste Management Agencies

Collect used cartons from the waste trade and send aggregated volumes to Recyclers/ Paper Mills

Recyclers / Plastic Waste Processors

Convert used cartons into end use products

The value chain for recycling beverage cartons has several players and moving parts. At the center of this value chain are the waste pickers: the informal sector that works in landfills, ensuring that the waste is segregated and are the true heroes of the recycling system in the country. Through AARC, we aim to ensure that the efforts of the waste pickers are valued through pecuniary compensation, health camps, and educational sessions.

We ensure that the informal sector – waste pickers and their families – receive free health checkups and are given basic medicines to ensure that their health is not compromised in the arduous work that they do for the recycling effort.

Collective Action

AARC will bring together all aspects of the value chain to ensure successful project implementation

Existing Collection & Recycling Infrastructure

Financial Resources

Distribution & Retail Network

Knowledge & Existing Experience on Recycling

Technical Capability


Alliance for Collective Action

Producers & Brand Owners

Join together to pool their resources


The Alliance

 To help producers and customers engage with the recyclers and other stakeholders across the country

Three Main Goals
  • To enhance the collection and recycling ecosystem
  • Drive the increase in recycling rate leading to sustainable development goal of the category
  • Enable members to meet their EPR goals