About AARC


Our Mission

The alliance envisions to transform the recycling landscape by pooling resources to build an efficient waste management ecosystem by engaging with waste pickers, scrap dealers, waste management companies, recyclers, and NGOs thereby positively impacting millions engaged in the waste trade.  The alliance will represent the voice of the industry and collaborate with government and other stakeholders to contribute to policy making.

Our Vision

To lead the industry for effective EPR and contribution to sustainable environment, and beyond compliance.

Our Aim

“As per the previous TERI report (2019) more than 50% of used beverage cartons were getting recycled in India. To ensure that our future is sustainable, AARC is working to reduce hundreds of thousands of tons of waste from the streets of India.”

Recycling Cartons Rate

  • Create a funding mechanism and raise resources to increase recycling rate
  • Create awareness: Rag pickers, Consumers, Institutions, Recyclers, Industry, other stakeholders
  • Replicate successful models directly , in partnership or through AARC
  • Implementing signature projects on collection, recycling to increase recycling rate
  • Advocacy for creating favourable external environment: Government, Environmentalists, Academia
  • Research & Studies: Technologies for recycling, social benefits of recycling cartons
  • Publications: Case studies of success stories, annual reports

Our Ecosystem

AARC’s network of engaged partners is vast and multi-faceted. There are six key players involved in ensuring
AARC’s vision of achieving 100% recyclability, whilst improving the livelihoods of those involved.

Clients & Customers

The brand owners who use Tetra Pak cartons to package their beverages

Waste Pickers

The informal sector that involves a community of workers who scavenge for salvageable waste in landfills


The government bodies who share the same vision in ensuring viable development and an environmentally sound infrastructure

Collection Hubs/Waste Management Agencies

Small enterprises that consolidate large amounts of used beverage cartons and move them to recycling centers

Recycling Centers/Plastic Waste Processors

Locations with the infrastructure to separate the different elements of a used beverage carton and turn them into new, recycled products


Organizations that wish to see policies and frameworks in place that promote
a healthy environment, encourage sustainable livelihoods, and promote
a feasible future

Our Members


Our Projects